Buzz, Traffic and the Techmemeffect: Key Ways To Grow Your Blog Presence

Ryan Spoon has a great piece in which he analyzes the effect of getting your blog post onto the main page of Techmeme versus other social news sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

It’s highly recommended reading for anyone interested in growing their blog presence through the Techmemeffect – delivering strong traffic from highly engaged and relevant readers.

Techmeme’s founder, Gabe Rivera, constantly tweaks the algorithm of what types of site get coverage so it’s no given you’ll get featured, but if you do: make sure your servers are up to it.

For example, he recently tuned down the amount of Techmeme time gadget blogs were getting. This has caused TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb, which both constantly feature at the top of the Techmeme leaderboard, to get a lot more traffic.

The takeout – get your blog posts onto Techmeme if you want to drive up your traffic.

Another way to increase your blog presence is through programs like Yahoo! Buzz. It’s similar to other social news aggregators – with set topics and features like Buzz up!, which allows readers to vote a story up the popularity rankings. The key benefit though, is that your post can end up on the Yahoo! home page – which will drive a ton of traffic to your blog.

[Picture courtesy of Mazda6 (Tor)]