Geo-Social Networking Your Favorite Places

Canadian entrepreneurs David Krawczyk and Bill McLean have developed an “essential tool for everyday life” – POIfriend. This social networking site allows a user to tag an online map with places of interest and itineraries and share those with anyone.

I could see this being of use in tagging a list of all gas stations that have diesel as I head to a specific destination, or someone like Robert Scoble telling the world where his favorite places are to eat (the Half Moon Bay Brewery would definitely make the grade).

The guys could even go one step further and enable some cool alternate reality gaming – solve the clue to reveal the next place you need to go to on your quest to find the Banana King.

One thing I’m not clear on – why provide this solution as YASN (yet another social network)? Surely it would have greater benefit as a social media app that is widely disseminated across existing social networks and embeddable in blogs and other places?

DrTube One Step Closer With The Doctors Channel

The Doctors Channel is providing medical news vignettes and video analyses of major medical issues to Ozmosis, an online medical discussion forum and knowledge exchange.

Described by CNBC as an “educational YouTube for doctors”, The Doctors Channel videos will be able to be discussed by medical practitioners on “physician only” forums on Ozmosis.

The resultant ability for doctors to share related experiences and learn from each other is a positive move.