How to Increase Your Life Purpose

This is Day Twenty Four in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Find more purpose by continuously evolving and growing.


Hey, it’s Rand,

On a scale of 1 to 10 how much life purpose do you have?

Consider Loic, he is a proximity flyer. That means he dons a wing suit and jumps off mountains. After an initial freefall to achieve optimal acceleration speed his suit inflates.

 He then hurtles downward at a speed of more than 50 m a second. The smallest error on his part can be catastrophic.

He has had a lot of friends die. He isn’t playing golf, right.

But for him, this is life. For him this is living.

He watched his grandmother die of cancer and says he cannot imagine anything worse.

What is important is how you live.

Death is inevitable.

He says he doesn’t care where or how he dies, those details are not relevant.

For Loic, life is all about purpose. If he is following his true purpose then whether he lives or dies is neither here nor there.

He says that we are evolving, through technology and through skill. He likens what he is doing in proximity flying to the first animals that left the water.

They are evolving and growing. And becoming stronger.

What else is the purpose of life?

Another proximity flyer, Ellen says, “Do you want to go work your ass off, never get out of that hole and exist knowing that this is all that you ever have apart from maybe two weeks vacation every summer?”

Ellen says, “That’s not what I want. I want to do things that people tell me I can’t do and that domestic grind to me is not the life I want to live.”

Now ask yourself again: on a scale from 1 to 10, how much life purpose do you have?

If you are truthful to your inner soul and find yourself further left on the life purpose spectrum than you initially thought then you’ve got some work to do.