Google Insights: Search Trends Revealed

Google recently released its Insights product, which Andrew Chen describes as an insanely useful product. If you are a trendfollower or coolhunter then this is absolutely true.

Be warned though, as with many things in life, you get out what you put in – read Eric Schonfeld’s take on inputting “twitter” rather than “” for a true representation of the microblogging tool’s US coverage.

App Stats Get More Useful On Facebook

Facebook, the Palo Alto-based social network, has released a new suite of Insights into application usage.

Rodney Rumford sums up why this is important for app developers:

For the first time i really feel like i have insights in to users behaviors and how a specific app compares to the average app on facebook across multiple criteria and data sets.

This will ultimately help app owners gain insights into how people use thier applications and areas where they can tune the application. While the insights are great; it merely means there is more data to sift through and analyze. This is a good thing if your mission is to align with the new focus of facebook on useful versus viral apps.