iPhone Emerges As Clear Cameraphone Leader

Back in August I posted a chart from Flickr showing the most popular cameraphones being used to post photos. It’s instructive to compare these charts again some four months later. The iPhone has torn open a huge chunk of white space from other cameraphones. It will, however, be interesting to see how the slight dip in the last week trends.

Flickr Panda’s To The Feed Generation

Mashable alerted us to Flickr’s new front page feature: a giant panda spewing a feed of popularly rated pictures.

There seems to be general uncertainty as to why the panda is vomiting pictures, but one thing’s for certain – this new “explore” feature is getting attention.

iPhone Flickrs To The Top

Snapshot photography via the iPhone’s diminutive 2 megapixel camera has outperformed the Nokia N95 as the most used cameraphone for uploading photos to Flickr.

As Jacqui Cheng explains, it’s the ease of use factor that gives the iPhone the edge. Despite the quality of the pictures being far inferior usability wins out, yet again!