Entrepreneur’s Rule Numero Uno: Value First

In a wide ranging interview with Kevin Rose, Silicon Valley venture guy Chris Sacca unveils how he became so well connected into the Valley’s machinery.

The video is an hour long, but it contains some real nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom.

The part that resonates most for me is when he talks about creating value, before you ask for value back. That for me is the number one rule for entrepreneurs: VALUE FIRST!

Chris continues this meme, “If you are insightful and helpful, people will gravitate to you.”



Foundation 07 // Chris Sacca from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

Chris Sacca: How to spell VC in lowercase

lowercase capital

Former Google Head of Strategic Initiatives, Chris Sacca is following up on his 20 or so personal investments with the formation of a new early stage venture fund.

To be named Lowercase Capital, this new $5m fund is perhaps a reminder to all venture capitalists that they are service providers first and foremost and as such should look at themselves in the lower case.

Notably an investor in Omnisio, Photobucket and Twitter, I look forward to seeing what else Chris finds interesting out there.

[via TechCrunch]