iPhone Gets Kicked Into Orb(it)

Orb Networks has enabled TV on the iPhone. By installing the OrbLive app users can stream any video format to their iPhone.

There are a few hoops to go through before you can stream your favorite basketbal game though:

  • You need a PC or Parallels
  • You need a TV tuner card
  • Your iPhone must be jailbroken.

We understand that iPhone 2.0 will support video – will it go so far as supporting live TV streaming?

Kitemare: Silicon Valley Adventure Capitalists Fly High

Self proclaimed kitemare, Bill Tai is one of the key advocates of the symbiosis between adventure sports and the entrepreneurial/venture capital mix. Adrenalin, calculated risk minimization (not risk taking) and pushing the limits characterize both pursuits.

According to this piece on C|Net, Bill is a kiteboarder with a VC problem. A partner at Charles River Ventures he joins a long list of Valley players, including the Google founders, who have shunned the old school golf rounds for a higher amped way to relieve stress and network.

Stefanie Olsen has pulled together a great article that should inspire us all to enjoy the great outdoors. Bummer that the 3rd Ave parking lot may become a lot busier though!

Empire of Sports Goes Giant for Greater China


Empire of Sports, the sports-based MMORPG, is being spearheaded into China by Giant Interactive Group.

Developed in Switzerland, Empire of Sports is a virtual sports world. In it players assume the role of a single character throughout the game. They are able to compete in virtual international events as part of a team and currently they can play basketball and tennis, go skiing and participate inĀ  a series of fitness and training games.

Wei Liu, Giant’s President believes that, “With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games nearing, interest in sports-related games is poised to increase.”

Giant has signed an exclusive license that expires in September 2011.

Sport Social Networking – a match made in Australia


Australians are sports nuts. They are absolutely obsessed with the stuff. Any conversation with one of them ultimately leads to a discussion of their favorite team for the weekend’s match, or for Gen Xer’s their son or daughter’s match. Grassroots sport is thriving down under.


So where else but in Australia would the perfect match occur between grassroots sport and niche social networking. A Sydney-based start up, 3eep, is pioneering this space. They’ve teamed up with Kanga Cup, one of the largest youth football tournaments in the world to provide an online community zone for the upcoming Australian event.

Kanga Cup takes place in Canberra between 8-13 July and players, parents and coaches will be able to upload photos and videos and track their team’s progress on special Team Zones.

3eep’s Head of Community Development, Nick Gonios, notes: “This will be a fantastic way for Kanga CUp participants to keep in touch with family, friends and passionate fans back at home, wherever in the world they may be!”

According to Nick, there will also be some eventstreaming taking place via ustream.tv.

It’s pleasing to see Australian initiative at work both on and offline.