Three Years On: Liberating Corporations Through Social Business

Well here we are, three years to the day  since I made the call that social business as an industry was birthed.

What do you think, was I right? Are you still trapped in your inbox? Are you still tied to a structured database? Do you know what other teams in your organisation are doing? Yes – there is still a long way to go before all organisations embrace social business, but some sure have.

The industry is maturing – look at the recent acquisitions – Yammer, Buddy Media etc, but it still has a long growth curve ahead of it.

It’s great to see how some people have become absolute evangelists for the social business approach. Take Luis Suarez at IBM – his company heavily relies on email as its primary communications system, still using Lotus Notes. Yet he took the bold step almost four years ago and freed himself from his inbox. Here is his story, what’s yours?