Open Web One Giant Step Closer: MySpace Offers Data Availability With eBay, Photobucket, Twitter, Yahoo

In an auspicious move that has clearly leapfrogged MySpace ahead of its competition as the open web thought leader, the world’s largest social network and, to date, biggest implementation of Open Social, has launched a Data Availability initiative.

Launch partners include eBay, Photobucket, Twitter and Yahoo and as Ben Metcalfe points out, Data Availability is open to everyone.

Think of your MySpace profile augmenting your Twitter account. My take is that this is less about creating MySpace as a destination and more about personal data objects that can enrichen the web experience.

Here’s a bunch of good stuff to read:

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[Disclosure: I am an advisor to MySpace’s parent company, Fox Interactive Media]

Appspace: MySpace Opens App Gallery, Zynga Opens API

The world’s largest social network, MySpace, has officially opened its Application Gallery.

Every application gets its own profile, from where its developers can directly interface with those users who friend the app.

Truth Box by Suren Markosian tops the app install leaderboard with over 560,000 installs. The app promises to let you find out the “truth about yourself” and discover what others really think about you.

Not far down the chart at No. 4 is Ace Texas Hold’em Poker with 86,000 installs. This app is part of the Zynga Game Network, which is one of the companies to have embraced the MySpace Developer Platform since it became available in February.

Zynga Game Network is named after CEO Mark Pincus’s favorite pooch – Zinga, whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently over at his favorite San Francisco kennel, ahem…office.

The company has launched a Game Center, an open API that will allow developers to connect into a network of game apps. This will effectively create a channel and enable a network effect or viral loop to grow.

What’s the meta take on these two moves? The appspace is a rapidly evolving environment and brand owners and developers are well advised to watch closely as both the MySpace platform matures and Zynga tests out various mechanisms like their Game Center and Social Bar.

[Disclosure: Randal Leeb-du Toit is an advisor to MySpace’s parent company, Fox Interactive Media and Chairman of app developer, Creative Enclave]

Microsoft Provides Mesh for Apps/Data, But Fails On Interoperability

I’ve covered DataPortability. I’m experimenting with Friendfeed. I share apps across my Macbook Pro and iPhone.

However, I still feel there is a long way to go before we reach true seamless interoperability of data, connections, applications and devices.

And so I am very excited by Microsoft’s preview beta launch of Live Mesh, a feed-centric programming model.

The promise is that:

Live Mesh puts you at the center of your digital world, seamlessly connecting you to the people, devices, programs, and information you care about – available wherever you happen to be.

That is a very noble sentiment. I applaud Ray Ozzie’s vision.

But wait a minute – this only works on devices running Microsoft software. I fully understand that they are only at beta. I also hear their plaintive cry, but we are bringing out Mac and mobile versions later this year.

Fail. They should have built in true interoperability from the get go, across all devices – period. Doing so in stages can only lead to a Here, there, everywhere patchwork.

UPDATE: Former Microsoftie Robert Scoble has gushed his views out. Yes I also like the dialogic RSS capability, by Robert you sum up why its a fail before its even out of the blocks:

Mac support? Coming in the future. Nokia support? Unclear. iPhone support? Ask Steve Jobs (translation: will be very limited due to Apple’s complete control of that platform). Firefox support? Yes! Linux support? What’s that?

[Via TechCrunch]

Geo-Social Networking Your Favorite Places

Canadian entrepreneurs David Krawczyk and Bill McLean have developed an “essential tool for everyday life” – POIfriend. This social networking site allows a user to tag an online map with places of interest and itineraries and share those with anyone.

I could see this being of use in tagging a list of all gas stations that have diesel as I head to a specific destination, or someone like Robert Scoble telling the world where his favorite places are to eat (the Half Moon Bay Brewery would definitely make the grade).

The guys could even go one step further and enable some cool alternate reality gaming – solve the clue to reveal the next place you need to go to on your quest to find the Banana King.

One thing I’m not clear on – why provide this solution as YASN (yet another social network)? Surely it would have greater benefit as a social media app that is widely disseminated across existing social networks and embeddable in blogs and other places?

Peersonalize Your Social Networking Experience: Connect Even While Offline

Computer science students from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology want you to be able to connect with your social networking friends, play games and share photos and other files even while you are offline.


There are two parts to their solution. The first is called WiPeer and it enables direct computer to computer, peer to peer WiFi communication without the need for a router at distances of up to several hundred metres (900 ft.). As long as your computer has a network card or wireless card you are sweet. Currently the software only works with Windows XP, but the guys are working hard at bringing out Mac and iPhone versions.


The second thing you’ll need if you are planning on connecting on Facebook is their app, Peersonalizer. They plan on rolling this out on MySpace and other OpenSocial sites in due course. Here’s their app blurb:

Bringing the personal effect to social networks.

WiPeer’s Peersonalizer lets you know when your facebook friends, or potential friends, are nearby you. Once you discover each other, you can chat, share files, play multiplayer games, and best of all, talk to each other in person.

Join the Conference Chaser for the Sydney MySpace Developer Platform Kickoff


UPDATE: Watch the recording of the livestream from the event.

I’ve been spearheading the launch of the MySpace Developer Platform in Australia and New Zealand over the past few weeks and I’m real excited to be emceeing the kickoff event tomorrow evening. We’ve had overwhelming interest from developers and social media entrepreneurs and have had to close registrations – sorry, guys if you’re not yet on the attendee list…

But we do have a solution for those of you who are not able to come along physically. Phil Morle has kindly offered to act as Conference Chaser for the event and will be swarming folks in and doing a livestream of the event.  The event will be highly interactive and I’ll be fielding questions both from the floor and through Phil so jump on in:


Mobile Goes Open Social

I’ve been advising mobile social networks to embrace the open API model for a while now and there are some interesting developments on the way. Think about it – such concepts should not be limited to one platform and will continue to spread into other areas.


Redwood City-based Frengo, which has received $8m in two funding rounds, is one of the first mobile cabs off the rank. They have embraced the open architecture model and have released a toolkit that supports both Open Social and Facebook apps.

[via Read Write Web]

MySpace Developer Kickoff in Sydney


[Disc: I’m advising MySpace’s parent company, Fox Interactive Media]

I’m really excited to let Metarand readers know about the MySpace Developer Platform Kickoff event that I’m hosting on the 9th April in Sydney.

I’ll be sending out a bunch of invites over the next day or two, so if you’d like to come along and you haven’t heard from me by cob Friday please send me an email – metarand at gmail dot com.

Expect a fun evening at a great venue in Surry Hills and an opportunity to hear more from and meet members of the MySpace dev team, together with good victuals, music and wifi (laptops encouraged). I also see this as an excellent opportunity to catalyse the Australian social media community and foster a new era in collaboration and innovation.

Let’s put Australia on the social media map in a BIG way!!!

You can find out more about this and other events MySpace will be running in Australia and in New Zealand here. If you are not able to make it along, you’ll be able to hook into a live feed – check out the Aussie Developers Profile page on MySpace for more details closer to the event.