It’s Time! For the Change Your Life Now Giveaway

I’m super excited to announce the start of the Change Your Life Now Giveaway.

Remove what isn’t working for you and emerge stronger and more focused.

Enter to win two books that will trigger your reinvention (Fierce Reinvention by Rand Leeb-du Toit and Option B by Sheryl Sandberg). You will also win two high powered 30 minute coaching sessions with Rand (”Rand is transformational”).

All participants will get access to Rand’s tips and tools to help master the practice of reinventing yourself and being fierce. (Rand sends at most 1 newsletter email per week, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

Please note this Giveaway is ONLY available to US residents.

How to be Bolder in Your Goal Setting

This is Day Sixteen in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Get both bolder and more granular with your goals.


Hey it’s Rand,

Goals are never set in stone.

With that in mind, I want to dive deeper into your Goal of Consequence.

What would complete reinvention mean to you?

What do you fear the most about completely reinventing yourself?

What steps could you take right now to irreversibly start you on the process of reinventing yourself?

You may need to pause me and have a hard think about this.

Go for a walk or a run, get yourself into flow and let the thoughts flood in.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Welcome back.

So you’ve reset your goal.

Say your new goal out loud.

Do you feel comfortable?

It’s time to make yourself uncomfortable!

What if you were 10 times bolder in your thinking?

What if your goal was 10 times more consequential?

Ratchet that up again: what if you were 100 times bolder in your thinking?

What if your goal was 100 times more consequential?

When you are thinking on this, don’t forget your body.

Does your breathing shift?

Are you leaning forward?

Does your heart rate go up just thinking about it?

If your answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Then lock this in as your true Goal of Consequence.

I want to now get a bit more granular around your goal.

How many people do you want to inspire, with your goal?

And by when?

What kind of behaviour do you want to change or motivate through your inspiration?

What is the transformation you expect in those you inspire?

What would the outcome be for the world when you achieve your goal?

In my book Fierce Reinvention I’ve set out a complete Fierce Operation System that can help you map and monitor your progress in achieving your goals of consequence.

With that in mind let me ask:

What objectives can you set for the next year and for this quarter that will progress you towards achieving your goal?

For each objective, what are the key results that need to happen?

Be both quantitative and bold in determining these key results.

Can you get even more granular? What needs to happen weekly?

And what blocks of activity need to happen on a daily basis to achieve each key result?

How Death Gives Us More Life: Two Truths to Live By

Fear of death is our greatest fear. It can override everything and it can leave us frozen, like deer in the headlights of life, too afraid to really live large.

Yet we can learn so much from death. In this post I want to share with you two truths that death can bring us:

1. Death provides us with a vital spiritual awakening.

If we have been ultimately present in our lives then death arrives as a welcome friend rather than as an intruder.

We are here: enjoying the day; hanging out with friends; busy on a project at work; or focused on any other every day activity.

And then: we are not.

It is essential that we understand not only that life can end so very quickly, but also that there is not necessarily any logic or reason for death arriving.

We need to be comfortable with this knowledge and have some form of spiritual platform, whether religious or not, that gives us comfort.

2. When death is an integral part of our lives it becomes a wonderful opportunity for expression.

If death is part of our living then when a family member of some other cherished person passes, we find ourselves less prone to resisting death which causes us anguish.

Instead we welcome it with open arms and let our hearts break open wide with love and compassion.

Choose How You Confront Fear



It’s always there. It can either liberate or bury you. It all depends on how you deal with it.

Compare fear with the wind. When it is a gentle breeze against your cheek, you hardly notice it. However, when it turns into a howling gale you instinctively brace into it.

No matter its strength you only become mindful of the wind when you notice it, gently rippling over or buffeting your whole body. In that moment of mindfulness you can decide to enjoy nature or cower from its power.

Fear is always blowing. At times with ferocity.

Choosing how you confront fear puts you in power.



How to Explore Your Primal States

This is Day Five in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Remove the veils of fear, reward and approval and reveal your truth.


Hey it’s Rand.

Being honest with ourselves involves recognising when we are trying to avoid harm when we are seeking reward and when we are yearning after connection.

Because these three primal modes, fears, rewards and approvals operate like veils obscuring the truth of who we really are and what gives us meaning.

It is part of our natural human programming to shrink into our avoiding, defending self when we sense harm.

But fear is also a limited, confined sense of self that resonates with deficiency.

Breathe in deeply and start to notice when your mind and behaviours settle on a current fear you have the fear of danger, the fear that something is going to go wrong, the fear that you may lose something, the fear that you may fall short of other’s expectations in some way.

Visualise an example of when this fear drives you and explore this situation.

Pause here.

Do you find yourself tensing up?

Has your breathing rhythm changed?

What do you notice about your sense of self right now?

Who are you?

How are you experiencing yourself?

You may want to pause this video and journal your thoughts so you can revisit them later.

Seeking rewards is focused on chasing after survival-related advantages. It is also a part of our natural human programming that when we sense a reward we use our mind and energy to grasp for it.

Think about the last 2 weeks. In what ways were you chasing after something?

Was it money, sex, or material stuff?

Now visualise when you fixated on more of that thing

What is your sense of self when you are in that pursuing state?

We live for that feeling of being connected to someone or something. And it is also a part of our natural human programming to do whatever is takes to secure bonding. Whatever it takes can be getting attention; whatever it takes can be seeking approval; whatever it takes can be finding ways to be important; whatever it takes can be finding ways to be seen as being special.

Take a look at your relationships. What do they reveal about you wanting something from another person?

Visualise a time recently when you know you were wanting something from someone.

It could be their approval; it could be their attention; or it could be wanting them to be impressed.

Now step inside who you are in that mode.

Can you sense it?

This is part of your false self.

You are revealing your mask.

Whatever comes up during this self-inquiry exercise, please accept it without judgement.

At Death’s Door, I Still Thought About Work

I recently did a podcast interview with the guys at My Business Australia.

In it we discussed:

  • My experience of knocking at death’s door and how it can happen to anyone at any age;
  • The factors holding business leaders back from reaching their potential; and
  • How to reinvent your business, and yourself as its leader, for peak performance.

How to Reveal More of Your Life

This is Day Four in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Begin to really see your life as if for the first time.



Hey it’s Rand

Happen to the world, happen for the world, don’t let life happen to you.

Let’s dig deeper into your life.

Are you obsessed by desires?

I desire to be rich

I desire to be famous

I desire to be successful

I desire a new car

I desire a bigger house

I desire a holiday

I desire for the weekend to arrive, and never end.

I desire to drown out my frustrations with alcohol

I desire to escape the daily grind.

Are you debilitated by fears?

The biggest fear that underlies all other fears is the fear of death. So many people will do anything they can to never confront the reality that they are dying.

How does death sit with you?

Another big one: the fear of failure.

The fear of the unknown.

The fear of change.

Does your life have meaning and joy?

Life and work meld. I feel always on. I feel wired to achieve, achieve, achieve. I never have a moment to myself. I never take time to contemplate. I never take a break from the constant chatter in my mind. I feel like every day is Monday.

I feel stuck in a series of cubes: my house, the office; my meeting room, a client’s board room; the airport lounge, an aeroplane seat; my car, a taxi.

Are you acutely conscious of your body?

I’m overweight; I’m too thin; my muscles aren’t toned; I’m too short; I’m too tall; I walk funny; I talk funny; my nose is too big; my ears stick out; I’m not blonde; my hair is too thick; I’m going bald; I am bald; my lips are too pouty; I don’t have the right colour eyes.

Are you torn apart by feelings and tortured by thoughts?

I’m so angry; I’m so frustrated; I should’ve told that person off; how could I have missed out on that opportunity; everyone must think I’m a complete idiot; I am a complete idiot; I need to work harder; I need to focus more; I’m not clever enough; I’m useless at finances; technology is beyond me; my cooking is terrible; I’ll never win the race on Saturday.

Are you comfortable with the progress you’ve made so far on your life’s journey.

What happened to the last 30 years? I’m 52 but I still feel like I’m 22? Have I been living in a trance for the last three decades?

Happen to the world. Happen for the world.

The Reinvent Yourself Booster Pack Giveaway

I’d like to announce the Reinvent Yourself Booster Pack Giveaway!
Reinvention, as you know, is the art of removing what isn’t working for us in our lives and emerging stronger and more focused. But many of us don’t start this journey or know how to follow it.
The prize for this giveaway consists of:
1. a book that will trigger your reinvention (When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi),
2. a guide to making it a practice (a signed copy of Fierce Reinvention by Rand Leeb-du Toit), and
3. an hour coaching session with Rand in which he will give you valuable insights into how to achieve greatness.
It is a real privilege to be able to share Paul’s wonderful book with you. He captures his final journey as a result of Stage IV lung cancer, which my father also passed from recently. Paul’s book was a great comfort to me and Dad. Listen for the response this book prompts in you.
Please share this giveaway with your friends and colleagues! The more you ‘play’ the more chance you have of winning.
Click here to go to the Reinvent Yourself Booster Pack Giveaway.