Health & Wellness: Delivering Good Feeling

Yesterday I was well onto my way to clocking up 40 kilometres of barefoot running in 3 days and was really feeling buzzed.

Fortuitously Flo Rida’s Good Feeling popped up on the video screen I was tuned into. It so resonated I had to share it.

Besides featuring two of my favourite past times – running and stand up paddle boarding – it totally captures the way optimised health and wellness makes you feel

Watch. Enjoy. Get Out There!


Animoto Moves To Monetize Personalized Video

Animoto, a New York-based user-generated video creation tool company, has added features to its web app that will allow for the sale of DVDs or DVD-quality formatted video from the Animoto website.

An increasingly popular way of creating highly personalized, professional quality videos from a users own photos and music, Animoto is built on a Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that emulates the thought processes of a director and an editor with respect to post-production skills.

This technology takes into account the full gamut of features in a song – genre, song structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation and vocals. No two videos produced on Animoto are the same, even if they have an identical set of raw materials in the form of images and music.

Videos are produced in widescreen format, can be emailed and embedded in social networks.

DVDs cost $20 and DVD-quality formats $5. It will be interesting to see the level of uptake they get.

Buzznet Goes Absolute Punk With Acquisition

Continuing its acquisition spree, Buzznet has acquired the music community Absolute Punk.

Set up in 2000, Absolute Punk has over 500,000 avid alternative music fans as members.

Aimed at creating the most in-depth music experiences around artists, Buzznet now boastst 10 million music fans.

I wonder how many fans of one form of music cross over into other areas – does Buzznet have punk emos or hardcore indies? I know my listening tastes are eclectic at best – at different times its either hardcore rock or soothing symphony with a blended mix of jazz fusion to top it off. How does this impact on the total Buzznet experience or are the music ranges niche silos?

Portishead album to premiere on


Portishead’s first album in 11 years sure is coming to market in a way that the bands members wouldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams when they released their last one.


The album, Third, will appear exclusively on, the social music network, on April 21st. All 11 tracks will be streamed full-length for the seven days leading up to its official relase on April 28th.’s Martin Stiksel says they plan to offer more exclusive album premieres in the future.

Go here on the 21st to get the album.

Songkick’s Ass


Concert listings site and Y Combinator grad, Songkick has launched what has got to be one of the coolest applications of buzz monitoring to date.

It’s called Battle of the Bands and Michael Arrington at TechCrunch does a great job of explaining how it works:

It’s a sort of Alexa or Compete comparison engine, but instead of comparing websites it compares bands and artists. They track any band that has 50 or more followers on MySpace – about 1 million bands currently. They then scour the Amazon sales rank for their music, mentions in 1,500 popular music blogs, total MySpace friends and plays, and other stats to determine the overall excitement for a band at any given time.

Type in one or more bands and see how they compare over time.


It would be interesting to see how the metrics are affected by factoring in P2P traffic and players like Last.FM [Good call Jason Schwartz].

To me it falls into the same broad genre as Buzzlogic, which tracks key influencers around brands, Adonomics, which tracks and compares the popularity of social media apps and Yahoo Buzz (see Richard McManus’s post on this service): – it’s all about the buzz.

Where it will get really interesting is tracking the ripples and identifying who the key influencers are relative to any given band or combination of bands – are these the new DJs of Web 2.0?

Soulja Cranks Music Downloads To New Heights


“Soulja Boy has set the bar for what’s possible in terms of breaking an artist online”, says Steve Berman from Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

Rap phenomenon Soulja Boy has racked up 3 million downloads of his Grammy nominated song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”. But check our these other stats, simply awesome:

* More than 3 million ringtones sold

* YouTube video viewed 28 million times

* 22 million viewings of his instructional dance video

* 1 million website uniques a month.

What’s this 17 year old’s response? “Yuuuuaaaa!”