#ComeAlive: Turning world peace into an irresistible business opportunity

World Peace


EXOscalr, the world leading transformational coaching and advisory business, has announced the recipient of its inaugural #ComeAlive Scholarship.

Melbourne-based RMIT student Bridget Dunne was selected from amongst a strong group of contenders for the scholarship which is worth US$120,000. She will now take part in the #ComeAlive Program, a 12-month, quest-driven coaching program designed to trigger and support clients on their quest journey.

Rand Leeb-du Toit, Chair & CEO of EXOscalr, says that she was picked on the basis of a range of criteria related to each applicant’s quest.

“We were looking for three things: the quest needed to be high on impact, it needed to be aligned with their passion, as opposed to their ego and while it doesn’t have to be completed within the 12 month program, realistic progress should be made during that time.”

“Bridget’s quest is to change the world through turning world peace into a marketable and irresistible business opportunity. This aligns well with EXOscalr’s moonshot goal of positively impacting the lives of 2 billion people by 2025.”

“When I look into the future, I see a different world, a better world, and I want to be part of making that happen,” says Bridget Dunne. She is looking forward to the accountability, discipline and guidance that the #ComeAlive Program offers.

“The world needs more people focusing on making massive difference. Yet embarking on such a quest can be a daunting experience. ComeAlive is designed to provide those pursuing such important endeavours with a high level of encouragement and support”, said Mr. Leeb-du Toit.

“We created the ComeAlive Scholarship with a view to encouraging people to take a deeper look at how they can make the world a better place, while they are still in their formative years, before the stuff of life gets in the way.”

EXOscalr is a transformational coaching and advisory business that works with high achievers and influential leaders, coaching them from great to extraordinarily great.


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6 Hacks for Gaining High Achiever & Elite Performer Status

StepUpThe media loves to trumpet overnight success, but there is always a back story of blood, sweat and tears. The journey from amateur to professional and the path to elite performer can be daunting. How can you ensure you succeed in your quest for success? We provide six hacks you can use to gain elite performer status and become a high achiever.

1. Set a guiding principle and just start

As daunting as your quest may seem, you need to take the first step or you will never get closer to your destination. You may not have mapped out the entire journey. You may not know exactly where your quest is taking you.

But just start.

Take one small step forward, and then another.

Before you know it, you will have established something unique that the world has never seen.

As you start on your quest, ask yourself a transformational question. This will become your guiding principle.

It will kick start your passion and give you the impetus to take that first step.

For Odysseus the question was, ‘where is true home?’

     What is your transformational question?

2. Aim for regular milestones, achievable annually

There are no overnight successes. Nor will the answers to your transformational question just arrive out of the blue. It will take hard work, long hours and persistence.

Your focus is on answering that big question, on achieving your goal. Yet many things can intervene and sway you off course. To ensure you remain in pursuit of your goal set some smaller milestones you can achieve each year.

Every year you want there to be two to three things you feel you’ve made progress in. This prevents you from getting stuck. Some years will be better than others. By constantly moving yourself forward you will smooth out the years. You will come to view yourself as a success. This will give you the motivation to continue on your quest.

Doing this year in, year out will lead to some big wins. That’s when you will be referred to as an overnight success. At that point smile and nod, knowing that it was the little things, the small milestones that got you there.

     What is your first milestone?

3. Understand the levels of competence and timing in your industry

Each industry sets expectations of how long it takes to become an elite performer. Form an understanding of what these time lines are.

In most professions or crafts there are three levels of competence: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

What can you expect to achieve in each of these phases?

Beginner – you will be parroting the insights of your influencers. Success in this phase is being able to produce a body of work that isn’t an embarrassment.

Intermediate – you will have a clearer idea of what you are doing. You may feel you’ve changed direction and wasted time. But you are always building on your experience and adding to your skill set.

Advanced – your unique voice will emerge in this phase and you will produce work that has not been seen before.

     Are you prepared for the long haul?

4. Step up from performer to elite performer

Stepping up to the ranks of elite performer requires a psychological shift. This needs to be a threefold shift in you:

1. You need to come across as being relaxed. You don’t have to prove yourself anymore and you don’t want to come across as trying too hard.

2. You need to be deliberate with the things you are saying and doing.

3. You need to belong. You need to be within a space that you own. You need to feel that you are entitled to be there.

You also need to catalyse a psychological shift amongst those you engage with. They need to see that you’re not just trying things out, but you have a reason to be there. They will then take you more seriously.

At this point you’ve achieved a foundational shift. But to truly step up you need to be developing your own material. You need to come up with your own compelling thinking. You may still rely on your old influencers, but you need to be exploring new territory.

Find your authentic and unique voice. Think of yourself as a force.

     Do you aspire to be a great master, to hold the universe in your palm?

5. Avoid the ruts, never feel secure

This is a long-haul. There is a possibility that you don’t push yourself enough. If this happens you will dig a deeper and deeper rut over time. You’ll need to create a breaking point and find your raw groove again.

Keep revisiting your transformational question. Check that you remain in hot pursuit of the answer. You should not feel 100% secure. If you are not somewhat scared, you will become complacent. Your inspiration will wane.

     Is the fear always there?

6. Lift your game and focus

“Nothing contributes so much to tranquillising the mind as a steady purpose – a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.” – Mary Shelley

This quote sums up the point that if you want to operate at a higher level, you need to lift your game and bring focus.

There are three ways you can do this:

1. Whittle away the things that you don’t need.

2. Create a solid core of who you are both as a person and as an elite performer.

3. Become aware of your compulsions and the rabbit holes that you could scurry down. Initially you may meet these urges. You will need to leave them behind to elevate yourself to the next level.

     What do you fundamentally believe, as a person, is important?

About EXOscalr

We coach for difference. Our clients are influential leaders, high achievers and outliers. Interested in an initial session? Sign up here.

Six Ways to Fast Track Yourself to Rocket Ship Performance

Are you

Most people are comfortable going through life at a steady pace. High achievers put themselves onto a steeper trajectory.

How can you break orbit, fast-tracking yourself to the higher-altitude terrain of elite performance?

Here are six ways to step-change your performance levels.

1. Actively engage – be a rocket ship, not an altimeter
An altimeter reacts to its environment, measuring altitude. A rocket ship takes you on a journey to new altitudes. Influential leaders fly rocket ships. They become actively engaged in their journey. They do not leave everything to chance. They decide they want to change and they actively engage in doing so.

2. Form powerful and positive meta-beliefs
Success is not only about tactics, but also about mindset. Listen to your self talk. Is it your worst critic? Does it constantly engage in negative thought patterns?

Your mind eavesdrops on your self talk and it becomes a predictor of performance. If it constantly says that you won’t achieve a particular goal, there is a very high probability that you won’t achieve that goal. Shift your meta-thinking, your thoughts about who you are. Visualise yourself on a higher level. Create the right-thinking patterns to get you there.

3. What you put in, is what you get out
High-performance requires the right inputs. There are four areas within which you can optimise your input levels – diet, oxygen, exercise and sleep.

Diet – Make sure you’re getting the right level of nutrients out of your diet. Fresh local produce is what you should be eating, together with lots of water.

Oxygen – Breathe deeply to optimise your oxygen intake. Your brain uses up to a quarter of the nutrients and oxygen you take in.

Exercise – The more physically active you are, the more focus you will have. Consider as a rule of thumb that anything that is good for your heart is also good for your head.

Sleep – Sleep more. You don’t build muscle by working out, but by resting

4. Manage your stress
The more stressed you are, the more time you spend in fight or flight mode. This state is not conducive to curating information and reflection. Manage your stress better and you will make more measured and informed decisions. This is essential for elite performance leadership.

5. Learn constantly
Stimulate your brain constantly by learning new things. Mix up your learning by focusing not only on your domain of expertise, but also orthogonally. Cross-fertilisation can lead to powerful insights. Our brains thrive on new connections. Use writing as a way to crystallise your thoughts and achieve pattern recognition. Many high achievers write daily.

6. Peer yourself positively
Your social networks determine how smart you are. There is a lot of truth to the saying, who you spend time with, is who you become. Make sure to spend time with people that challenge and encourage you and from whom you can learn.

What can you do today to fast track your performance?
Look at these six areas and determine which ones you are neglecting.

What can you do today to improve on each of these?

Ask yourself active questions to monitor your progress. For example, have I done my best today to manage my stress levels?

About EXOscalr
We coach for rocket ship performance. Our clients are influential leaders, high achievers and outliers. Interested in an initial session? Sign up here.


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The delicate balance of transformation

Be ready to transform but do not provoke, illuminate the darkness of ignorance but do not blind.

This quote from Tao Te Ching highlights the delicate balance of transformation and coaching for transformation.

Are you ready to #comealive?


Quests Can Be Massively Transformative. Here’s How To Choose Yours


“When your desire is not clear nor strong, it cannot take shape. Besides, if your desires are personal, for your own enjoyment, the energy you give them is necessarily limited; it cannot be more than what you have. When you desire the common good, the whole world desires with you. Make humanity’s desire your own and work for it. There you cannot fail.”                         Nisargadatta Maharaj

This quote points to the power of having a quest that is bigger than yourself.

Taking on a quest is a transformative trigger. By doing so you are giving yourself permission to change. Here we look more closely at the nature of quest.

What defines a quest?

It is classically understood to be a journey towards a goal. It is the act of seeking or pursuing something important. In many cultures it is viewed as a long and difficult effort to find or do something.

In contrast to simply living day to day, focusing on a quest changes your perspective: it’s bigger, it’s harder, it’s longer, but doing it packs a punch. In fact, the essence of a quest is change. If a quest doesn’t leave you changed, it’s more a hobby than a quest.

8 common quest characteristics

* What are you ready to own?
A quest is an act. It requires you to step up and own it. You take on the responsibility of doing your utmost to complete the quest.

* What do you already know you have to do?
Determining what quest to embark on may at first seem daunting. Until you realise that it can be influenced by injustices, by inequalities or by the hand fate deals you. In many respects a quest is presented to you, not selected by you.

* What is the difference you can make for others?
A quest is bigger than you. A quest is not about you. It is not about gaining recognition or status. If it doesn’t benefit others, be they a community, a company, a country or even the entire world, then it isn’t a quest. As such a quest benefits the many, even though some or all may never become aware of what was done for them.

* What intention can you crystallize?
A quest can be long, challenging and anything but linear. At any stage you can get sidetracked or lost. It’s imperative that you crystallize out a compelling intention that you can hold onto in order to reinforce your thinking and ensure you stay the distance and complete the quest.

* How can you attract others to your quest team?
the quest does not have to be undertaken alone. Remember that pride has nothing to do with it. At different times on your quest journey you may need different kinds of support. Determine how you can attract the best team around you to help you complete the quest.

* What is your next step?
A quest requires momentum and movement. A quest is completed one step at a time. It cannot be done by not taking action and you need to constantly be putting one foot in front of the other, constantly thinking about the next step.

* Are you ready to take a leap of faith?
Questing is not for the fainthearted. You will be required to take many and myriad leaps of faith on your quest journey. There will be times when you doubt yourself. There will be moments of second-guessing. Fear may be your constant companion. You may want to turn back or find an easier way, but you can overcome these tests on your resolve.

* Are you ready to brave the elements?
Embarking on a quest is filled with uncertainty. As much as you plan, the outcome of a quest can never be known in advance. A quest is an organic journey of exploration. You need to build an understanding deep within you that you are comfortable with whatever happens. Your normal constraints and constructs will get in the way and try to hold you back from making the choices and taking the action that the quest demands of you. You will need to be willing to stride into the center of the field and stand exposed, braving the elements and embracing change.

Come Alive

The EXOscalr Come Alive Program is a 12-month, quest-based coaching program designed to trigger and support clients on their quest journey.



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One Universal Rule To Never Failing


Last week Mick Fanning had a close encounter with a four metre long great white shark while surfing the finals of a competition at my favorite surf break, Jefferies Bay.

He was extremely fortunate not to be physically harmed. However, there is no doubt he was emotionally impacted. At one point he said he would be happy never to surf another competition again.

My advice to him was to get back in the water – soon. Today he did that.

The photo above was shot as he entered the water and shared on his Instagram (note that I have added the text to this photo).

Had he remained out of the sea for an extended period of time it would firstly have made it harder and harder for him to get back into surfing again. Secondly, he would have stood the very real chance of being branded a failure.

And so it is with so much in our lives – in business, in love.

If things don’t work out, for whatever reason, we have failed only if we do not try again.

Sometimes things don’t work our multiple times in a row, but all it takes is for it to succeed once and we are seen as a success.

There is one simple, universal rule to never failing:




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