Extreme Kitesurfing, South African Style

While I’ve ensconced myself in balmy Northern California, the coast of South Africa has been hit by huge storms. It’s been rather surreal catching up on nature’s force from a distance.

Silicon Valley kitesurfers: – eat your hearts out at the following scene…shot at Kommetjie, Cape Town:

[Pic courtesy of Sven ten Bokkel Huinink]

Kitemare: Silicon Valley Adventure Capitalists Fly High

Self proclaimed kitemare, Bill Tai is one of the key advocates of the symbiosis between adventure sports and the entrepreneurial/venture capital mix. Adrenalin, calculated risk minimization (not risk taking) and pushing the limits characterize both pursuits.

According to this piece on C|Net, Bill is a kiteboarder with a VC problem. A partner at Charles River Ventures he joins a long list of Valley players, including the Google founders, who have shunned the old school golf rounds for a higher amped way to relieve stress and network.

Stefanie Olsen has pulled together a great article that should inspire us all to enjoy the great outdoors. Bummer that the 3rd Ave parking lot may become a lot busier though!