Google Search 2.0 = Digg Plus Friendfeed

The following video sourced from TechCrunch outlines a possible next iteration of Google Search. It’s very interesting to note the inclusion of Digg-like vote up/down features as well as on-search comments and profiling a la Friendfeed.

Should Google go ahead and implement this new feature set it will make search an order of magnitude more social.

Funware: Filch Photos on Facebook To Create A Prized Collection

Gabe Zichermann wants to help you create a personal gallery filled with your favorite social photos and have you compete with others to make your collection the most popular, valuable or visually interesting.

His New York-based company, rmbr, has released a Facebook application called Prized Collection so that you can play do just that. The app is billed as a virtual art trading game and it’s in beta.

You start with a small gallery space and, as a new player, with $4k. Your task is to browse your Facebook friends’ photos and buy or steal their pics to display in your gallery.

There are a number of ‘zany’ characters you are likely to meet along the way. The helpful, but creepy Dr Medici and the cunning Boy Scout – they are there to enrich your experience of the game.

I am a big fan of funware and incorporating game mechanics into social media, but this app has yet to grab me. At the time of writing it had 55 daily active users.