No Joke: How to Earn $1 million in less than 2 weeks

Louis CK has proven that people are willing to pay for quality content, even if it is available freely.

The comedian put out a video of his latest performance at $5 a pop via his website. He then used social media to market it and whammo – in 12 days he amassed a whopping $1 million.

Story via Mashable.


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iPhone Gets Kicked Into Orb(it)

Orb Networks has enabled TV on the iPhone. By installing the OrbLive app users can stream any video format to their iPhone.

There are a few hoops to go through before you can stream your favorite basketbal game though:

  • You need a PC or Parallels
  • You need a TV tuner card
  • Your iPhone must be jailbroken.

We understand that iPhone 2.0 will support video – will it go so far as supporting live TV streaming?

Video Comments Du Jour On Metarand

I’m really excited to announce that metarand is one of the first sites to have installed the video comments plugin from Seesmic.

This takes commenting on blog posts to a whole new level of engagement. I look forward to seeing many of you on comment threads from here on in.

Seesmic is currently invite-only and pre launch. However, you can simply set your comments to anonymous. {seesmic_video:{“url_thumbnail”:{“value”:””}”title”:{“value”:”Video Comments Du Jour On Metarand “}”videoUri”:{“value”:””}}}

No friendcaps: “Bluepulse rocks” says Scoble


Bluepulse founder Ben Keighran talks with Robert Scoble about their plans to build the killer app mobile social network in this video interview.

Ben gave an interesting insight into why he moved Bluepulse from Sydney to Silicon Valley:

1. Bluepulse intends running with an ad-supported service model and given that half the world’s media spend is in the US it made sense to “follow the money”.

2. Ben rightly feels that attracting top talent can be a gamechanger. Bluepulse really understands mobile, but he wanted to attract on board the right backend talent and felt the Valley is the best place to do this.

3. His vision is to build a really big company and, realising he would need venture funding to do so, he wanted to get VCs on board who could provide strategic help – he moved to the Valley to source a venture partner who could assist with Bluepulse’s hypergrowth.

Sound reasoning from an exciting company. As you’ll hear in the video, they’ll be making some announcements at CTIA in San Francisco this week.


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APML Gets Attention: Newsgator Signs On

It’s a big day in the early life of the Attention Profiling Markup Language and while still a few inflection points short of being a standard, APML is gaining rapid traction: FeedDemon, NetNewsWire and Newsgator Inbox are implementing APML.

A number of other players in the attention profiling arena have also joined the APML working group – Bloglines, Ma.gnolia, Me.dium, Peepel and Talis.

There has been some good coverage of the APML goings on:
Daniela Barbosa
Marjolein Hoekstra
Elias Bizannes
Ross Dawson
Marshall Kirkpatrick


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Focusing Attention on the Social Graph

Brad Fitzpatrick has written a comprehensive post regarding the global mapping of everybody and how they are related, aka the social graph.

Alex Iskold has taken a stab at tying the social graph into the attention discussion. His premise being that they are interconnected.

Brad calls for a brokerage-type service that collates attention data from the growing diaspora of social networks and passes it on end-users. It’s an interesting concept and Alex touches on whether a standards based body can fulfil this role. Doing so would require a catalyst – as with many IEEE-like standards this usually takes place when a powerful consortium or grass roots community coalesces with the intent of creating such a standard.

It’s doubtful the individual social networks will be motivated to join such a consortium ad initio. Others will need to take on this mantle and drive it forward.


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