bARt: Augmented Reality Is Now In Transit

I wrote last year before about BART ( the Bay Area rapid transport train service) as an early adopter of social technologies.  In that instance it related to their partnership with Foursquare to encourage use of their service.

BART is again in the news as an early adopter. This time it’s in relation to AR ( augmented reality). They have partnered with Junaio to integrate transit data, which includes station locations and arrival times into a channel on the Junaio AR  platform.

This means that next time you are in the Bay Area and need to find the nearest BART station you can simply point your iPhone to receive directions to it as well as getting easy access to a list of estimated arrivals for trains coming into that destination. Once you come out of any of the BART stations you will also be able to see recommendations left by other users for cafés, restaurants or shops in that area.

Junaio is launching its 2.0 augmented reality platform at South by Southwest in Austin next week.

Augmented Reality Enters The Realm of Raw Possibility

In talking about augmented reality and technology in general, science fiction writer Bruce Sterling drops a classic line:

The failures are more interesting than the successes. They serve as a kind of negative space for what’s possible and what’s not possible.

He goes on to talk about the current status of augmented reality – it’s still in the hands of artists, non profits and scientists…a phase filled with “raw possibility”, not tempered by the constraints of quarterly targets and profit. We’ll dwell in this arena for a while yet…

Watch the entire session with Bruce below – it holds some fantastic footage of giant AR projections, or cut to 4.20 or so for his nugget of wisdom.