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MetaRand is the personal blog of Rand (Randal) Leeb-du Toit.

Rand focuses on leadership and reinvention, through a fierce and transcendent lens.  He is COO at Procedural Worlds, which is empowering every day people to bring their imagination and dreams to life.  He is also CEO and Chief Philosopher of EXOscalr where he brings compassion and wisdom to his practice as a business and life strategist, not only from a lifetime of rich and rewarding experiences, but also from the mind jarring immediacy of sudden cardiac death and the unique insights that ensued.

Rand is the author of Fierce Reinvention, A Guide to Harnessing Your Superpowers for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Success, which launched on October, 2nd 2017. Further info is available on the Fierce Reinvention website.

In addition to his board level experience with numerous high tech companies around the world he has a background in venture capital, publishing and the law. He is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa. He is a former South African Lifesaving Champion across a number of disciplines, has surfed for over 40 years and loves to stand up paddleboard, cook and practice yoga.

His full LinkedIn profile is here and he can be found on Twitter as @metarand.


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