How to be Happier

This is Day Twenty Two in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Live more in the now.


Hey, it’s Rand,

We all want to be successful and happy, we all want to enjoy doing a great job, yet for the vast majority of people these remain amongst our most elusive goals.

 We flit between moments of illusory happiness and moments of dulling pain, glimpsing true joy in the eyes of others, yet very rarely in our own.

Overextension has become the norm: we are always on; always chasing deadlines; always checking in.

Even though happiness can feel ephemeral and elusive, there is a simple formula you can apply to increase the amount of time you are happy:

happiness is living in the now + being resilient

 Existing in the now, we are more attentive, engaged and at our happiest.

What can you do to increase you now time?

What can you do to exist more in the now?

Firstly, you can minimise the potential for distractions: by keeping an uncluttered workspace; by placing your mobile phone on silent and, while you are wanting to focus, by removing any form of email or social notification and abstaining from accessing any form of social media.

Secondly you can create more focus time by allocating  90 minute calendar slots to progressing your priority projects and then sticking to them.

Give each task your full attention and notice when your mind wanders, acknowledge that intruding thought, and return your mind to the task at hand.

And thirdly you can build a now practice.

 The more you practice being present, in the now, the better you will become at achieving a depth of focus.

As you build a regular practice of being in the now you will start to notice your compulsions to quickly check your email and your social media feed become weaker, you will start to notice that intruding thoughts won’t be as loud and they will arrive  less often and with less fanfare, and you will more easily be able to shuffle them on and stay focused.

When you find yourself at this point you will know that you have strengthened your ‘now’ practice.

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