How to Create a Growth Engine

This is Day Twelve in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Achieve exponential growth by adding fuel and removing friction.


Hey it’s Rand,

The world around you is changing constantly, and today the rate of change seems to be accelerating.

How do you feel about yourself in the middle of all this change?

Are you personally growing or do you feel like you are stagnating?

What does growth mean for you?

I like to think of growth in very simple terms and have developed a Growth Algorithm which you can use to achieve exponential growth. It works like this:

[ Growth involves adding fuel and growth involves removing friction. ]

What ways are you currently adding fuel and removing friction in your life and business?

Do you have a strong support group around you?

Do you attract top talent to align with your activities?

These are 2 examples of adding fuel.

How have you organised your various activities?

Is there a smooth and efficient fluidity between them or are they all over the map?

How well do you manage the people who are assisting you?

How do you motivate and incentivise them to give of their best?

These are examples of removing friction.

In addition to thinking from a fuel/friction perspective, another way of organising your growth-related activities is to divide them into aspirational and operational activities.

Aspirational activities are higher level and include developing a strong sense of what direction you are headed in so that you can always determine whether anything you are doing is directionally-correct. This helps you to measure progress and inspire others to assist you in achieving your goals.

Operationally there are three main levers: engagement, execution, and finances.

The more engagement you have the more efficient your execution and the more financial resources you have at hand the more you can grow your influence base.

Taken together all these activities give you an extremely powerful growth engine

Are you ready to rev your growth engine?

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