How to Achieve Flow

This is Day Nine in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Explore how to thrive in the flow zone.


Hey this is Rand,

Flow is the ability to zone out of all extraneous stimuli and focus on only what matters in the moment; flow is the ability to let the unconscious mind take over from the conscious and react at sub-thought speed with survival as your mind’s main driver.

I’ve been a proponent of this technique since my youth when I was an elite athlete and serious surfer.

It certainly saved my life after my sudden cardiac death. As I came back into consciousness  My heart was still beating wildly at over 200 beats per minute; I managed to pull myself into the zone— I became ultrarelaxed; time literally stood still for me; and I could micro-analyze what was going on around me. This enabled me to bring my heart back into a normal rhythm.

How do you achieve flow?

Under what circumstances do you work best?

What is the algorithm that enables you to get into flow?

Is there a combination of exercise, food and sleep that works best for you?

What systems can you put in place to ensure you achieve flow more regularly?

Operating from a place of constant panic and high anxiety will drain your energy and lead to poor decision-making and bad leadership. Ideally you want to operate in your highly functioning flow zone as much as possible throughout your day

Thrive, don’t survive.

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