How to Engage With Your Work

This is Day Eight in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Show up completely in your workplace and be more engaged.


Hey its Rand,

Work defines us more than any other activity in our lives.

Of course, we work to generate income; of course, we say that we work to create meaning; that we work to fulfil our passions.

Yet, the percentage of people disengaged from their work continues to rise and rise.

We spend so much of our time at the activity of work what with the concept of the work place having been diffused by technology, yet we paradoxically limit the amount of personality and self we bring to work.

Many people view work in the single dimension of their job title,  or a single role; They are directed by their job specification; they are defined by their corporate culture.

How do you define your work?

Is it a passion?

Is it pure joy?

Or is it a job that you do begrudgingly?

What is your relationship to work?

Think about this from two perspectives:

  1. In the past,
  2. and right now, today.

What work do you see yourself doing in the future?

How far out do you see that future point being?

What work would you do in a perfect world?

What is success to you?

What is failure to you?

Do you bring anything from your parents into your work? How did they relate to work?

Do you show up in your entirety at work? What parts of you show up?

How can you show up completely?

What’s holding you back from doing so?

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