How to Inquire Who You Are

This is Day Seven in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Create greater awareness, mindfulness and self-knowledge.


Hey it’s Rand,

You’ve already started exercising your self inquiry muscle in previous videos, but over the next few videos you’ll go deeper in your self exploration.

In this process it is often better to pull on a loose thread rather than unpicking a new one.

Think of this thread as a tipping point in  unravelling your life and peering into areas that you may have avoided exploring before.

By pulling on this thread you may release repressed memories, you may expose hidden fears.

A common thread to unpick is how you relate to money. Do you obsess about how much of it you have? What is at the root of this obsession?

You might find that is goes back to your childhood, when your family may have struggled with finances.

I suggest you start with an easier thread that doesn’t give you a sense of foreboding and as you get deeper into the self inquiry process and gain courage, you can delve into the darker areas which will require you to be your fiercest self.

A great leader leads from inside, from the front.

How can you direct others if you cannot direct yourself? Fierce leadership requires you to have a heightened level of awareness, mindfulness and self-knowledge, which is why the first self inquiry question is:

Who are you?

Let’s dive deeper into that question:

What are your belief systems?

What do you believe in?

What values do you hold?

What don’t you value?

What vision do you have for your life?

What kind of person do you want to be –

  • when you grow up
  • tomorrow
  • at some point in the future?

What do you bring consciously to your day?

What do you bring unconsciously to your day?

How do you want others to remember you?

What change do you want to see in the world?

And what role do you see yourself playing in that change actually happening?

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