How to Overcome Blockages

This is Day Six in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Minimise what’s holding you back and free up your energy.


Hey it’s Rand,

Think about something that is blocking your progress right now.

What are you stuck on?

What is preventing you from moving forward and doing your best work?

What is preventing you from being your best self?

Imagine that you have an internal viewing screen, kinda like your mind’s eye. You can think of it like a built-in, fully immersive experience; much like you get from a virtual-reality headset.

Imagine that this blockage is on full screen mode. The image you have of it or your sense of it fills that screen.

At the moment that image is in your head. Let is seep into your body.

Once it has entered your body fully,  put this video on pause and walk around with that full embodiment for a few minutes.

And then make a note in your journal of how that experience felt and click play again.

Welcome back!

I now want you to shrink that image or felt sense of the blockage.

Visualise it telescoping downward

Down, down, down.

Until is is very small.

It is now only a microdot on your full screen.

Again allow that screen to flow into your body.

Pause me again and walk around for a while.

Note down any observations and click play.

Did you notice a difference between when you embodied the blockage fully to when it was minimised on your screen?

All that space you see on your internal screen is real space within you; all that space you see is always there for you.

The block can be as large or as small as you want it to be. You control it. It does not control you.

Blocks require energy to exist,  and by minimising them you weaken them; by minimising them you release their hold on you, and as a bonus you free up energy.

You can then put that energy to more constructive use, like being your best, most fierce self and doing awesome things in the world.

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