How to Explore Your Primal States

This is Day Five in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Remove the veils of fear, reward and approval and reveal your truth.


Hey it’s Rand.

Being honest with ourselves involves recognising when we are trying to avoid harm when we are seeking reward and when we are yearning after connection.

Because these three primal modes, fears, rewards and approvals operate like veils obscuring the truth of who we really are and what gives us meaning.

It is part of our natural human programming to shrink into our avoiding, defending self when we sense harm.

But fear is also a limited, confined sense of self that resonates with deficiency.

Breathe in deeply and start to notice when your mind and behaviours settle on a current fear you have the fear of danger, the fear that something is going to go wrong, the fear that you may lose something, the fear that you may fall short of other’s expectations in some way.

Visualise an example of when this fear drives you and explore this situation.

Pause here.

Do you find yourself tensing up?

Has your breathing rhythm changed?

What do you notice about your sense of self right now?

Who are you?

How are you experiencing yourself?

You may want to pause this video and journal your thoughts so you can revisit them later.

Seeking rewards is focused on chasing after survival-related advantages. It is also a part of our natural human programming that when we sense a reward we use our mind and energy to grasp for it.

Think about the last 2 weeks. In what ways were you chasing after something?

Was it money, sex, or material stuff?

Now visualise when you fixated on more of that thing

What is your sense of self when you are in that pursuing state?

We live for that feeling of being connected to someone or something. And it is also a part of our natural human programming to do whatever is takes to secure bonding. Whatever it takes can be getting attention; whatever it takes can be seeking approval; whatever it takes can be finding ways to be important; whatever it takes can be finding ways to be seen as being special.

Take a look at your relationships. What do they reveal about you wanting something from another person?

Visualise a time recently when you know you were wanting something from someone.

It could be their approval; it could be their attention; or it could be wanting them to be impressed.

Now step inside who you are in that mode.

Can you sense it?

This is part of your false self.

You are revealing your mask.

Whatever comes up during this self-inquiry exercise, please accept it without judgement.

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