How to Embody a New Normal

This is Day Three in the 30 Days of Reinvention Video Series [#30DaysReinvention].

Learn how to recalibrate your life.



Hey it’s Rand

What is normal in your life?

This is a pivotal question.

Think about it.

When you have an upset stomach or you have the flu, you really feel every single little ache in your body.

When you get seriously sick you amplify how much you notice its impact, you amplify how far removed it takes you from your normal healthy self.

Being sick gets your attention.

But often we don’t extend this level of attention to things that are out of whack in other aspects of our lives.

Did you notice that you’ve stopped singing in the shower?

Do you remember when last you let off a belly laugh with friends?

Does the prospect of Monday morning feel like a death sentence?

Do you don a mask when you enter your workplace?

Do you rip it off as soon as you get home?

When we are hit by something major, we are confronted by it and have to consider a new normal.

When I recovered from my sudden cardiac death I had to reinvent what normal meant for me.

I was untethered from everything that had come before, I was untethered from everything I expected to come after. I was both terrified and liberated.

How does that make you feel?

Lying on my hospital bed that first week I thought I’d never be able to feel the energy of the ocean again. To my delight I did get to venture out into the sea, ride the waves and feel the ocean’s awesome flow again. But I could no longer go for a run at midday on a hot Australian summers day. And things that I took for granted in the past, like being able to travel unrestrictedly to any part of the world now needed recalibration. Things that used to excite me no longer had any meaning in my life.

You shouldn’t have to wait for something major to happen to you before you reinvent yourself.

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