Want to Know a Dirty Little Secret?

Want to know a dirty little secret?

One of the greatest travesties and regrets for many people is that they get to their twilight years, start thinking about their impending death, and realize that they didn’t show up as themselves enough, or ever.

What’s worse, is that they are the lucky ones; they have a precious, yet fleeting, moment to realize that. Unfortunately, even more people pass on without even having that realization.

This is HUGE: I want you to examine your life right now, not when it is too late, and if there is a realization to be had that what you are doing requires realignment and a reinvention then this is perhaps the greatest gift I can give to you through my new book, Fierce Reinvention.

Here’s the thing: over time we write a story about ourselves that we want to hear. And for many of us this story is what defines us, it is what ambulates our journey through life.

So what you might say?

It sounds like we get ourselves into a nice and cozy place. But there’s one small catch: we may be totally unaware of how deeply uncomfortable we are with who we have become.

It may well be that we don’t really understand the well of emotions that have built up and course through our conscious and unconscious.

Most of us certainly don’t afford ourselves the opportunity to stop, to put our lives on pause, for one moment.

Yet, we all desperately need to do so.

So what’s the answer? As I explain in Fierce Reinvention, when you begin a process of exponential self-inquiry you begin to peel away the various masks of self-deception; you begin to peel away the story; and you begin to remember who you are.

Sadly, this process is often triggered by a traumatic life event: perhaps losing a loved one; being fired; your business going bust; burning out; an episode of depression; or a personal sickness.

But the good news is that you don’t have to wait for any of these things to happen to make a start.

My new book, Fierce Reinvention: A Guide to Harnessing Your Superpowers for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Success ($11.99 digital, $15.99 print (USD)) is available from Amazon.

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