What would your 21 year old self say to you thirty years later?



What would your 20 year old self say to your 50 year old self? Would the message stand the test of time, travelling thirty years into the future?

I spent an especially contemplative weekend – this is the second anniversary of my sudden cardiac death – and came across one of the poems I wrote when I was in my early 20s.

I am struck by the messages in this piece and how much they resonate with me. I hope they touch you too.

The Rhythm of Life


Fast, slow, fast
Live at your own speed
Be dictated to by no man
Live by your own creed
Let only the word of
The One shape your deeds


Rejoice when you are happy
Weep when you are sad
Know your moods
Identify your feelings
For you are an individual
Born alone; you
Will die alone

But, do not be selfish
Apply your knowledge
To the benefit of all
Let others learn from you
Criticise and accept criticism, but
Always adapt in the light
Of what you discover
In your travels


Sail the seas in search of answers
The questions are inside you
Manifesting themselves and coagulating
Into a thick mass of confusion
But, somewhere along the route you travel
The catalyst will be added
You will light up and
The whole world will begin to fall
Under the eye of eternity


The crystal waters will
Reflect your image
Like a mirror – you
Will see the light
Living is good, but
Dying will be better
If you live right
Your life will float
Under your nose
Like a waft of sage
You will be at one with
The rhythm of life.

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