One Universal Rule To Never Failing


Last week Mick Fanning had a close encounter with a four metre long great white shark while surfing the finals of a competition at my favorite surf break, Jefferies Bay.

He was extremely fortunate not to be physically harmed. However, there is no doubt he was emotionally impacted. At one point he said he would be happy never to surf another competition again.

My advice to him was to get back in the water – soon. Today he did that.

The photo above was shot as he entered the water and shared on his Instagram (note that I have added the text to this photo).

Had he remained out of the sea for an extended period of time it would firstly have made it harder and harder for him to get back into surfing again. Secondly, he would have stood the very real chance of being branded a failure.

And so it is with so much in our lives – in business, in love.

If things don’t work out, for whatever reason, we have failed only if we do not try again.

Sometimes things don’t work our multiple times in a row, but all it takes is for it to succeed once and we are seen as a success.

There is one simple, universal rule to never failing:



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