Elite Performance and Mindfulness: The Delicate Balance

Elite performance, whether it’s in your exponentially growing company’s boardroom, before your venture capital partners or a crowd of roaring sports fans requires an extraordinary amount of focus and effort to ensure you are in the zone. However, burn out is a very real issue. You simply cannot maintain an optimal level of performance ad infinitum. At some point you will need to shut down. Preferably this is for short bursts of regeneration, rather than a crash and burn out scenario.

The real challenge is knowing when to shut down, when to enter a stage of heightened mindfulness and recharge through your preferred methods (yoga, meditation). Leave it too late and you will be recuperating more than recharging, do it too much and you won’t fire up enough.

You need to find your own balance point, but initially set up specific┬átimes to regularly zone out. As you build up your practice you can keep trigger events in mind for increasing your mindfulness practice –

* 15 minutes on the plane, while the rest of the passengers are embarking, or

* very early on a Sunday morning, when the rest of the city is asleep, steal away to your favorite look out and draw on nature.

This video is from just such a Sunday morning excursion – enjoy:

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