Predictive Analytics: A Discussion With IBM’s Ginni Rometty

IBM’s Chairman, President and CEO Virginia Rometty has given a very interesting talk about predictive analytics and the nexus of forces, to use a term coined by Gartner (the convergence of social, mobile, information and the cloud).

The talk took place in New York last week at the Council of Foreign Relations 2013 Corporate Conference.

The key take out for me was Ginni’s reference to “data as the next natural resource” and that the winners in utilising this resource base – think of them as the modern (data) miners – will be those companies who embrace three driving principles the best.

The three principles are that data will:-

1. change how you make decisions;

2. change how you in fact create value; and

3. change how you deliver value.

With that teaser I now strongly recommend you watch the video:

And here is a transcript of the discussion.

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