Top 5 Traits For Profiling A Serial Entrepreneur

Harvard Business Review has done an extensive study of 17,000 working adults to determine what the key traits of a serial entrepreneur are. For most of us, we could’ve simply told them, but it’s really useful to have this validated by a solid research study.

Persuasion tops the chart. Entrepreneurs have to be constantly in persuasive mode. Convincing others to join the crusade: getting talent to join the business, partners to align, investors to pony up with funding – all in a day’s work.

Leadership comes a close second. Setting and steering based on a solid vision, taking the helm and steering the ship through uncharted and often rough waters is what it takes.

Considering the triple-helix of entrepreneurial success, both persuasion and leadership align with focus.

The third trait is personal accountability and this align with the second of the triple-helix attributes – accountability.

The fourth and fifth traits, goal orientation and interpersonal skills somewhat align with the third triple-helix attribute of balance, but goal orientation can also fit into focus.



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