Crane Fire in Sydney

I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday morning and as I like to do when on a call, looking out my office window. It was something of a dark sky and I noticed a spark of light on one of the cranes in the city. This caught my attention and the spark quickly turned into a growing flame.

At first I thought it looked odd, but as the flame engulfed the platform myself and a number of colleagues looked on in horror. We held our breath that no-one would get hurt. Looking across at the other building sites nearby I was amazed to see that work had all but stopped and on every floor of the buildings were construction workers in their bright orange and yellow vests dotted across the skyline. We were all fascinated by the fire.

The highlight was when the jib collapsed. It seemed to melt like a straw in a flame and smashed down onto one of the nearby buildings. Thankfully it didn’t land on the very busy roads below and no-one was hurt.

I managed to shoot this footage:



Further coverage of this incident can be found here:



Herald Sun

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