Mapping The Startup Scene

We heard the stats from Google this week as they launched Google for Entrepreneurs – right now there are around 400 million entrepreneurs operating across 54 countries!

400 million entrepreneurs!

It is fantastic to hear that so many people out there are doing things their way, trying to solve problems they’ve encountered.

And programs like Google for Entrepreneurs are excellent tools for upskilling entrepreneurs. However, the entrepreneurial ecosystem globally is still not matrixed.

How do entrepreneurs find the right people to work or partner with?

Shaun Campbell and Adrian Randall are doing their bit to bring entrepreneurs together in a more transparent way. This week they launched OzFounded, a map of the Australian startup community aimed at connecting investors, incubators, co-working spaces and entrepreneurs.

Their aim is to created a greater sense of community and to facilitate networking amongst entrepreneurs and tech company who may be unaware of useful contacts working around the corner.

Anyone can add listings for activities within the startup ecosystem.


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