Klout for Entrepreneurs: Creating a Global Entrepreneurial Standard

Have you noticed how entrepreneurs active in Silicon Valley seem to attract an extra level of cool factor simply by nature of the fact that they operate in that geography, while they same does not hold true elsewhere?

The issue is that so much in the entrepreneur space remains globally tethered to places like Silicon Valley, while there is an incredible entrepreneurial force happening around the world.

What we need is a Global Entrepreneurial Standard that recognises entrepreneurism wherever it happens and provides a common grounding and basis for discussion amongst entrepreneurs wherever they happen to be.

For example, if an entrepreneur from Cape Town flies to London, based on her measurement against the GES she would be able to meet with other business people, be they potential partners or investors and be taken seriously.

Think of the GES as similar to how Klout and Kred work in the social media arena. The GES would allow us to crystallise a Universal Power of Entrepreneurism and it would be really interesting to curate a range of case studies of entrepreneurs with a high UPE quotient.

As a starting point for discussion, in my experience as a serial entrepreneur, investor and executive coach I have found that entrepreneurs who score high against the following Triple A rating are able to attract funding, get stuff done, respond well to coaching and mentoring and build successful businesses. I call them Triple A Entrepreneurs:

Triple A Entrepreneurs can:

*Actualise goals

* Be held Accountable, and

* Achieve success