Tornado Tumbles Through Sydney

My Easter Monday morning run took an interesting turn as I made my way along Bobbin Head Road in North Turramurra. A big thunderstorm had come through in the early hours of last evening and so when I started seeing some big branches strewn along the way I didn’t take too much notice.

However, half way along Bobbin Head Road I soon entered what one bystander called a war zone. Massive trees had been ripped out of the ground and were lying across houses, bus shelters were totalled and everywhere there were massive branches intermingled with downed power lines. Two news crews were working the scene and the usual stream of cyclists pouring through the area slowed to a trickle as they rode past the scene of the storm.

The crazy thing is that it seemed to be isolated to within a 100 square meter area as on either side it was as if nothing had happened. I managed to take a few pictures as I ran through.


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2 thoughts on “Tornado Tumbles Through Sydney

  1. hi! i live in north turramurra, so i was just wondering what street this was? Im guessing Bobbin Head Road, past the round about but i havent actually had a look yet myself so id like a confirmation. thanks

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