Palo Alto Pays Its Respects To Steve Jobs

When I lived in Silicon Valley I stayed for a while on an estate in downtown Palo Alto on the same street as the original HP garage. It was a special place, in many ways timeless – surrounded by massive redwoods and a quiet haven from the hustle of the 101.

But in the true Silicon Valley way it was also a seriously connected and yet very understated place. For example, one of the other cottages on the property was occupied by Tim Cook. At the time Tim was Acting CEO at Apple, but as we know he then went on to replace Steve.

One of my other neighbours, Bill Daul, made the following observation following Steve’s passing:

Palo Alto was a really quiet place today. Steve only lived 10 blocks or so from me…they were worried about people gathering at his home…only about 40 people were there. It is really strange to have one of the greatest businessmen of our time and all US time pass away here in our town. It is also sort of special how respectful Palo Alto is of Steve’s family.

Respect, Palo Alto-style.

I’ve added in some pics taken at Steve’s house by┬áSusan Neville.

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2 thoughts on “Palo Alto Pays Its Respects To Steve Jobs

  1. Randal,
    Thanks for publishing my note. I guess Steve’s spirit has now shifted from Earth to the Universe and beyond. I assume he will be opening the Universe’s first Pan-Galactic Genius Bar.

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