The Entrepreneurs Code: Six Rules To Really Growing Your Business

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. You are faced with a myriad decisions a day and sometimes there doesn’t appear to be a right or wrong answer. Either way you’ve got to make choices, weigh up variables and do so at lightning speed.

Faced with such an environment, your best friend is a code that you can parse decisions against, a code that will not give you a clear answer, but will help lighten your load in deciding which path you should take.

I’ve taken my years of experience within the entrepreneurial environment and crystallised an Entrepreneurs Code that you can use.


1. Walk right: “honors and rewards fall to those who show good qualities in action”, Aristotle

2. Get stuff done: what you do defines you, not what you say

3. Aim high: there are no guarantees, only chances – take them

4. Be compassionate: create value with meaning

5. Plan ahead: “expect nothing, be prepared for everything”, Samurai saying

6. Act with force and speed: “proceed as though the limits of your abilities do no exist”, de Chardin.

I am sure you can expand on this code and I would indeed love to hear your thoughts on what to add.


Here are three key mantras for you as you conduct your entrepreneur’s journey and focus on your goal of building a high growth business:

1. Make momentum

2. Positive chaos is healthy

3. High viral co-efficients exponentialise growth.

Enjoy the journey!

Lumigenix, Personal Genomics And Me

I first became interested in personal genomics and DNA profiling over a decade ago when conducting due diligence on a potential investee company. We did invest and I was Chairman of Genetraks during their early years. Sadly the company didn’t make it beyond its first few rounds of venture capital and it’s worth reading the fascinating account by their CEO, Roz Brandon on what transpired.

Fast forward twelve years – this morning I opened up my pack from Lumigenix, aptly labelled “discover yourself in a new light”, and took out their DNA Collection Kit. Thanks to Romain Bonjean, CEO at Lumigenix, genomics was about to get personal for me.

The entire process was simple, fast and intuitive and kudos to the team for focusing on getting this right. I activated my account, collected my DNA sample and wrapped it up in its packaging. Next stop – the Lumigenix labs…stay tuned for another post when I get my results back!

Asana: One Truth, Many Contexts – Revolutionizing Enterprise Software

I’ve spent many years in the wilderness that is Enterprise Software: from attempting to wake up SAP, to mistepping with Jive; from clucking over Bantam to writing Yammer’s first partnership agreement. In all these attempts to connect the corporate landscape I’ve always felt something was lacking. At first I attributed this to the fun, human factor, but even then I thought this wasn’t quite it.

Take a look at how so many people these days interact in their personal lives – for some, many in fact, Facebook is almost permanently open. They tap into the newsfeed in real time, sharing thoughts, conversing with friends and colleagues. Yet their work lives are seldom as enriched. They often have no clear picture of what is happening on their team, yet alone across their department or division, and as for the company proper – forget it.

And yet, finally, I believe my trek through the corporate desert may finally be bearing fruit. I believe I’ve seen the mother of all oases. Take a look through the lens of my telescope below and tell me – is this a mirage or has one of the co-founders of Facebook cracked it. Let me introduce you to your new best friend, both personal and corporate: your single source of truth – always open, always updated, always….ASANA: