Innovation: Exiting the Bay

Back in 2003 I was approached with a proposal to set up another networking group. My initial response was no thanks – been there, done that, bought the T-shirt!

However, I finally agreed as I was keen to see more face to face activity in Sydney. I had a few caveats though – we were to be not for profit and focused on quality over quantity – an invite-only group of like-minded and passionate CXOs sharing thoughts and experiences.

This lead to the establishment of Innovation Bay. Over the years we managed to successfully stay under the radar and host numerous breakfast events and dinners. In recent times the group has held a number of dinners at which a select few entrepreneurs have pitched and a few have found new directors, mentors and even investors.

The success of these recent events has given rise to an inflection point for me though. My co-founders had an inkling to find ways to turn a profit. While I have no problem in making money when appropriate – I returned to our initial mandate and decided that I could not support such a shift.

And so I decided last month to finally exit the bay.

What next for me in this arena? I am continuing to support entrepreneurs (I am working with Pat Barrett at E-diary for example) and will in all likelihood have an inkling to host more dinners so stay tuned!

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