One thought on “The Seggr Top Eight Predictions for 2010

  1. So when I make love to someone who looks to aepapr biologically hardwired to be the ultimate genetic sex success what then becomes a critical scarcity?- an interesting conversation- grace of movement- imagination- very strong morals, or- very low scruples- very funny- very witty- inexhaustible- highly educated or erudite- good with the interface- quick- highly connectedetc.Note that when people talk about virtual realities and such things, a large percentage of people will respond with considerable hostility. Try as an experiment talk about virtual reality games will take over everything and just study the responses of people.It is almost as if many (most?) people resist the new VR/AR societal paradigms of masscommunication much in the same manner as they would resist the influence of a strange religion, the habits of a foreign tribe, or a very peculiar dietary constraint.VR/AR is a very new thing, and especially the more extreme characteristics (such as total immersion) arouses feelings of extreme recalcitrance with most members of society. It makes people feel challenged and *jealous* as if VR/AR itself is as a stranger trying to take away their loved ones. In essence this is what people fear. And that’s why I don’t fear VR/AR myself it can only GIVE me new loved ones, and I don’t have many to lose to these mediums.

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