Broadband To Leapfrog Australia To Head Of The Tech Pack?

I’m writing this from my Sydney home, being back in the country for a few weeks over the summer. My wireless is running on iinet, which draws from the Telstra backbone and despite support calls it’s as patchy and slow as can be. I am comparing this to the speeds I get back in Silicon Valley, of course, and by no means would I even think to add South Korea into the mix.

Yet, I am reading in Fortune about Australia’s broadband savior, Sol Trujillo. If you are to believe this article, this white knight has single handedly changed the course of the country’s “tech scene” by “shaking up” Telstra, the dominant telco and steering it to invest in a next generation network.

I like what he is saying about “high-speed, near ubiquitous wireless broadband” being a game changer, but remain sceptical that we are talking about the same playing board.

Telstra totally dominates the telco arena in Australia. Their pricing is not globally competitive – before moving to Woodside, I was paying US$25 a month for all you can eat ultra high speed broadband in Palo Alto. “Broadband” in Sydney costs easily 3x as much and it’s capped. I cannot begin to compare what it would cost to run an iPhone in Australia!

It’s great to see companies like Momentum, which is mentioned in the Fortune piece, continuing to build their business in the country, but I wonder how much stronger they would be today were they playing on a more level playing field. [Disclosure, I was an investor in Momentum]

I’d love to hear from Australians what they think about this article – truth or a pr job…is Telstra helping or hindering your company’s business?

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  1. The 3G network is so revolutionary that I won’t even surf the web from my Android G1 out of fear of been charged 50c a Mb.

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