NVCA Annual Survey: VC Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

As with everything in life, it’s how you view it that determines your response. You could bitch about how cool the Bay area is this week or marvel at the clarity this brings to the marvellous vistas that abound in this beautiful part of the world.

Same thing with the National Venture Capital Association’s annual survey results. Yes, by all accounts venture guys will be investing less in 2009 than they have done in 2008, but so what.

If your business is compelling enough chances are you stand just as good a likelihood of getting funding in next as in any year. Let others hold back or fold, this increases your funding probability factor.

That said, don’t let me belittle the task ahead for both investors and entrepreneurs – the air is cooler, you get to see further, but the mountains are no less steep. Keep on the journey.

[Pic courtesy of mrjoro]

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One thought on “NVCA Annual Survey: VC Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

  1. so, decreased competition, head-and-shoulders product differentiation … forget half-full, the proverbial vc glass should be overflowing for PLQ!

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