British To Mind The Venture Gap With Billion Pound Funding

If things look tough in the Valley, spare a thought for companies trying to raise funding in the far flung reaches of the galaxy.

The UK Government is apparently taking this seriously and is going to launch an emergency venture capital fund to help startups through the funding gap that has grown yawingly big in recent weeks.

Do it. Fast. Don’t get caught up in bureaucracy. And whatever you do, don’t give the usual suspects the purse strings. Get innovative, get entrepreneurial and make speed your friend. Startups will love ya for it!

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Will other countries follow their lead?

[Pic courtesy of HDR London]

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One thought on “British To Mind The Venture Gap With Billion Pound Funding

  1. Well I’m not sure I’d trust anything the UK government says. Like a lot of governments around the world they’ve been throwing these hypothetical billions around like confetti. It’s not entirely clear however where all this money is going to come from. They say they’re going to borrow it but I’d like to know where from. UK startups definitely shouldn’t be holding their breath.

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