Android Followed iPhone, But Wait (There May) Be More: The MicroPhone

The Inquirer reportedly has knowledge of a Microsoft Phone, which we are dubbing the MicroPhone.

Thanks to MG Siegler for bringing this to our attention. The veracity of this report is pegged as “highly dubious”.

Either way as I see it at the moment the two key platforms to focus on for native, mobile Internet-focused apps are the iPhone and Android, given that there are already millions of iPhones out there in the wild and it is anticipated that there will be millions of Android-enabled phones out there next year.

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2 thoughts on “Android Followed iPhone, But Wait (There May) Be More: The MicroPhone

  1. i read somewhere that G1 sellthrough is exceeding forecast, good news for sure. i have no doubt that mr softie will attempt to unleash a bag of mobile hurt on ole’ jobsie. with xbox market penetration, do they seem positioned for device/media convergence … do all roads lead to the living room?

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