How To Dominate The Newsfeed: Friendtag Photospamming

Photos give good newsfeed. No doubt about it.

But tagging them with friends who are not featured in the photo purely as a way to disseminate the photo and whatever you’re pushing through it – that’s spam, baby! Dont do it – you are violating the principles of social media in so many ways it’s just not funny.

Sam Lessin explains the how and gives his opinion:

…people have begun to upload a photo of something they wish to promote (perhaps a candidate or event) and then “tag” the photo with the names of as many influential friends as they can. The tagged photo then shows up in the news feeds of the friends of those influentials as if the photo was of them. After people click on it they find out that, in fact, it is a message in support of some cause.

To be clear, the key here is that the people that the cause promoter has “tagged” in the image are not actually in the image and have not actively lent their support to the message. Rather, the individual supporting the given cause is hijacking a friend’s name to broadcast a message to the friends of their friend. Follow?

This is a really terrific idea for someone looking to broadly push a message. If you tag 20 people into a given photo with something you are promoting you can easily reach thousands of people directly in their news feed with a big splashy image that appears highly relevant.

Sam – this idea sucks. I’m with Sarah Perez on this.

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4 thoughts on “How To Dominate The Newsfeed: Friendtag Photospamming

  1. thanks for the follow up, sam – there is definitely a social media morale formulating. it’s take a decade to crystallize, but it is becoming more set as further case studies emerge.

  2. from another perspective, this also pollutes the tagspace and reduces tag relevance when applied en masse (except for the ‘spammers’).

    perhaps we will evolve to grouped tags, or, better yet, tag extraction with auto-grouping. heh. b/c, even with ‘tag groups’, human direction still applies.

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