“Great Apes!” Facebook Favorites Apps, Flushes Others

A year ago Facebook announced its F8 Platform – open architectured and a new frontier for all app developers to populate. But a chosen few apps were lauded as the leading lights. This gave a huge first mover advantage to a handful of players.

Today, Facebook has essentially named the frontier won. A select few apps will be chosen (not by the users, but by Facebook) as “Great Apps” and they will be rewarded with a higher level of visibility and early access to new features.

Other apps, essentially the “Great Unwashed”, will either be chosen to be part of an Application Verification program and receive some form of certification that gives users more assurances of their good character or they will be flushed to the lower recesses of the Facebook platform with the implied certification: “Install at Your Peril”.

I can see benefits for Facebook users, who have become saturated with spammy apps, but for developers who have built apps that deliver high levels of engagement and value to users, it remains to be seen whether the inside track will be fair and equitable. Facebook’s current track record in delivering on its developer promises is not crash hot at present — anyone remember the Facebook Fund?

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