Scrabble Officially On Facebook

Electronic Arts has teamed up with Hasbro to bring SCRABBLE to Facebook and Pogo.

Launching later in July, SCRABBLE will be the first EA Hasbro-licensed property to go live on a social networking site. EA has plans to release a number of other Hasbro properties later in the year.

The SCRABBLE Facebook app will allow head-to-head challenges and players can choose between a real-time turn-based game or pause and pick up the play later. Scores and stats wil be tracked and players can be ranked. In addition, players will have access to built-in chat, dynamic animations and be able to access world lists.

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4 thoughts on “Scrabble Officially On Facebook

  1. And the chances this will knock Scrabulous off its perch at Facebook? Strikes me buying Scrabulous might have been a way cheaper way of going about this

  2. It may well have been, John. However from a corporate point of view that would have set a dangerous precedent for Hasbro.

  3. A ridiculous move, it just wont help anything adding that app to facebook.
    Who’s going to bother moving from one place to another when all their friends are on Scrabulous?

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