Photowalking Rules: Cockatoo Island Via iPhone

Thomas Hawk is on a quest to publish 1 million photos over his lifetime. This true photowalker and the CEO of Zoomr has reached 14,000 photos already. Much of his success as a photographer can be attributed to always having a camera with him and constantly seeing things through the camera’s eye.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Cockatoo Island, the site of Australia’s largest shipyards. Being located a stones throw from the original European settlement at the Rocks in Sydney it also has a wealth of early Australian history. As the Sydney Biennale Visual Arts Festival was on the go as well, I was really looking forward to photowalking the island as I also habitually see the world through a lens.

Alas, within minutes the battery on my camera died (let me add one more rule to Thomas’s Principles and Guidelines for the Modern Photowalker: check your equipment before you set out). I resorted to the only other camera I had with me: on my iPhone.

While I’m itching to go back with a good SLR and shoot in the RAW, at least I was able to exercise my camera eye on the trip.

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