TheFunded Connect: Matchmaking for Entrepreneurs

Playing on both sides of the venture equation as I do, TheFunded has proven itself to be a useful tool in balancing out the anomalies of the entrepreneur/investor algorithm.

TheFunded has now released a matchmaking service, which is akin to a vertical LinkedIn for the venture industry. Entrepreneur members of TheFunded can lodge a tailored pitch together with their preferred selection of venture investors. Other members can then make referrals to the VCs they know.

What I particularly like about this service is that it fits into the current processes VCs run. They prefer trusted referrals, they also don’t want to be logging into some service and dealing with sub standard, shotgun-style pitches.

Watch the video for more details. Mashable has also got a good write up.

TheFunded Connect from Adeo Ressi on Vimeo.

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