Animoto Moves To Monetize Personalized Video

Animoto, a New York-based user-generated video creation tool company, has added features to its web app that will allow for the sale of DVDs or DVD-quality formatted video from the Animoto website.

An increasingly popular way of creating highly personalized, professional quality videos from a users own photos and music, Animoto is built on a Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that emulates the thought processes of a director and an editor with respect to post-production skills.

This technology takes into account the full gamut of features in a song – genre, song structure, energy, rhythm, instrumentation and vocals. No two videos produced on Animoto are the same, even if they have an identical set of raw materials in the form of images and music.

Videos are produced in widescreen format, can be emailed and embedded in social networks.

DVDs cost $20 and DVD-quality formats $5. It will be interesting to see the level of uptake they get.

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