Qloud Launches Music App on MySpace

Ad-supported music service Qloud has launched its My Music app on MySpace. The app allows MySpace users to import and play songs and videos from their iTunes library on their profile.

Users are also able to see and play the iTunes libraries of their friends, view and exchange playlists, browse and play the most popular songs among their friends and social groups and add songs to their own online libaries.

What if you don’t use iTunes? The My Music app has its own library of over 6 million songs you can search, listen and add to your library, playlists and favorite lists.

Washington-based Qloud is backed by Revolution Chairman and CEO Steve Case and they also have apps running on Bebo, Hi5, Facebook and Friendster.

[Disclosure: Randal Leeb-du Toit is an adviser to MySpace’s parent company, Fox Interactive Media]

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